SANOG 41 DNS workshop
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This lab is running in “cloud” i.e someone else’s computer. :)

Lab consistants of 2 x 30 servers i.e 2 for each attendee one to run primary and other to run secondary DNS. These are provisioned via Ansible playbook which makes use of REST API of the cloud provider. For SANOG 41 workshop, these are based out of Germany.

Besides 60 attendee servers, there is one router (


  • Each server connects to internet directly
  • Each attendee server group maintains a point to point VPN tunnel via wireguard (wg01) interface with primary having and secondary having This tunnel is automatically created during the lab provisioning. This providers reliable secure transport for communication between primary and secondary.
  • Each attendee server maintains point to point VPN tunnel with router (wg02) This is being used for the purpose of BGP session for anycast lab.